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How It Works
1) You register as a “preferred developer” by clicking the “Start Now” link on this page and paying a 1-time registration fee. You will then immediately be sent a link where you can download the “developers kit package”. This kit includes:

a. Mobile App Requirements Framework Documents. This includes instructions on how to build the flow diagrams, product definition statements, screen design templates, sample flow diagrams etc. etc. This is the information that will be used to build your app.

b. Legal agreement. Basically saying: 1) You own the app outright 2) We will be helping you get your app to market, and promoting your app, and getting ads run on your app so you can get paid.

c. NDA form (Non disclosure agreement to protect your idea)
2) You complete the “Mobile App Requirements Framework” documents and send or fax them back to us. We will help you with this process as needed.
3) We review your Mobile App Requirements document and may suggest changes that will help your future developer team to better understand your requirements from a technical standpoint. We also will add in technical requirements the developer will need regarding our “multiple network” based ad serving. (Our Preferred developers will know what to do with this).
4) Once the Mobile App Requirements document is ready, AFM Mobile will submit the document to a group of developer teams within our “Preferred Developer” network. *NOTE: We will discern who to send it to on a case by case basis, and with input from you on what you are looking for based on: Cost/on shore, off shore etc.
5) You receive proposals from the development teams. (We feel you will receive bids that are significantly lower because of our relationships with our “Premium Developer” teams. They want to do a good job for us, because they know we will send them more work in the future if they do a good job at the lowest cost. NOTE: In our opinion we feel that this alone saves you the cost (and maybe much more) of your registration fee.
6) You pick the winning team, and work begins.
7) You give feedback and should test the app as progress is made. We work with the developer to help you and work to solve problems and issues as they come up.
8) App is completed
9) AFM Mobile submits your app:
a. iPhone: submits app to the “Apple Store” for consideration.
b. Android: submitted to the Android Market and is live
10) AFM Mobile brings your app into our Ad Network, and starts serving up ads to multiple ad networks. You start receiving checks based on how many of your users click on the ads.
11) As an AFM Mobile “preferred developer” your app is promoted on Android Flea Market.com by being given a “featured App” listing at the very top of the Home Page. The idea here is to get your app “fast-tracked” by trying to get traction right away. NOTE: In our opinion, this is another reason why our service is such a value-add to people who want to take advantage of the huge potential of the future of Mobile app development. In this game, time is of the essence. It helps get your app started and promoted, where others have to do try and do this themselves.