About Us
We believe that as people become more and more connected, and “always online”, the influence of mobile applications will increase greatly. We feel that mobile applications will become the new website properties, if you will. Early on we recognized the potential for mobile applications.
That is why, in 2008 we launched AndroidFleaMarket.com. What started as a blog about mobile devices and Android applications, is now being turned into an Android Application portal, and we have big plans for that.
However, we also felt the need to be involved in the growing need for business mobile app development. Thus, in 2011, we decided to launch: Android Flea Market Mobile, or “AFM Mobile” for short. We felt that we needed to come up with a unique way to help businesses grow their brand and customer base.
Consumers are quickly adapting to new mobile standards by utilizing and interfacing with mobile applications on their smart phones. Marketing to your customers is forever changing right before your eyes.

In 2011, smartphones are expected to outsell conventional low-feature cell phones. And as this shift continues to take place, including the use of QR Codes, and mobile applications that reside on their phones, the use of Apps and Mobile Web browsing will become the new standard. These will become the way in which your customers will engage with brands and businesses they patronize.

Please feel free to email us at AFMMobile@gmail.com to learn more about how we can help you quickly and cost effectively.